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Tourist information and places to visit in the Media Valle del Serchio

Here you can find information about the Media Valle del Serchio, a hilly area in the Province of Lucca, which comprises the plain of Lucca and  the Garfagnana along the basin of the River Serchio. Among the major centres is Barga, adoptive home of the  poet Giovanni Pascoli, whose poetry was inspired by its unspoilt nature and its simple way of life and its old proverbs and customs. Even today, visiting the "Valley of the Beautiful and the Good" - as the poet called it -
you can still see the old villages, fortifications, churches and medieval bridges medolent of this poetry, in addition to the Casa Pascoli Museum.
Thus you can relive a past rich in history, art, culture and traditions, as well as find local products typical of the area.

Among the places in the Media Valle del Serchio of major historico-scientific interest to the visitor
is the splendid , well-known health resort of Bagni di Lucca, easily accessible form Lucca by the SS12 road, form Abetone and from Brennero. Its spas, famous for their therapeutic properties since the Middle Ages, have been visited by many important figures in history.

Visiting Borgo a Mozzano, little more than 20 km from Lucca, you can admire the scenic Ponte della Maddalena, known as the "Devil's Bridge" and also attend a show and market dedicated to the beautiful flower, the azalea. This event transforms the area into one large garden. Roads, cloisters and small squares are filled with flowers, shrubs, farm produce, articles for the garden, tools and agricultural machinary. The "queen" of the show, though, remains the azalea, of course.

Other villages of the Media Valle worth visiting are Coreglia Antelminelli, where you can find the Museum of the Plaster Figurine and Emigration. It is the only one of its kind and obligatory for anyone interested in history and the development of the plaster  figurine. There are also  Fabbriche di Valico,  situated in a green valley, and Pescaglia, with its important hamlet Celle di Puccini, where you can visit the Puccini Museum. The latter is arranged in the 16th century house owned by the ancestors of the great composer Giacomo Puccini and displays heirlooms, documents and manuscripts relating to Puccini.

Another experience not to be missed in a visit to Vetriano di Pescaglia, where you can admire the "Small Theatre of Vetriano", which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records ( 1997) as the world's smallest, historic, pubblic theatre, being only 71 metres square. It is now owned by F.A.I., an organisation responsible for the preservation of the country's heritage.

Finally, one should mention the collection of hamlets Colognora di Pescaglia, where the "Chestnut
Museum" is located, (with manufacturing tools used with chestnut), as well as San Martino and Monsagrati.


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